Jennifer Blessing on Francesca Woodman's work in video: READING ROOM

L to R: Images 1-8: Stills from Francesca Woodman, "Selected Video Works," Providence, Rhode Island, 1976-78. Half-inch black-and-white open reel video with sound, transferred to DVD, 11:43 minutes / Pages from "Francesca Woodman." San Francisco: SFMOMA in association with DAP, New York, 2011.

READING ROOM highlights past essays, reviews and interviews about Betty Woodman, Francesca Woodman, and George Woodman that provided new insights and lenses through which to understand their work.

In the catalogue that accompanied the exhibition Francesca Woodman, presented at SFMOMA, San Francisco in 2011 and the Guggenheim Museum, New York, in 2012, Guggenheim Senior Curator of Photography Jennifer Blessing writes about the primacy of process in Francesca Woodman’s work in video:

“As she is primarily known for her still photographs, the recently compiled videos expand our understanding of [Francesca Woodman’s] creative process. While they give tantalizing access to the artist that is unavailable in her photos…they reinforce the sense that Woodman had a very clear and determined photographic vision into which the medium of video was assimilated. Through a series of observations about the individual videos I will explore the relationship between photography and video—between the still and the moving image—in Woodman’s oeuvre, in the process hinting at a provisional conclusion: that grappling with the dialectical questions embodied in the work is ultimately what the work is about. In other words, the process is the answer.”

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Jennifer Blessing. “The Geometry of Time: Some Notes on Francesca Woodman’s Video.” Francesca Woodman. San Francisco: SFMOMA in association with DAP, New York, 2011.

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