Francesca Woodman, "Small sketch for a piece about bridges and tiaras," January, 1980: STAFF PICKS

Katarina Jerinic, The Woodman Family Foundation’s Collections Curator:

Over many years I’ve had the privilege of being first the curator of Francesca Woodman’s estate and now in my current role with the Woodman Family Foundation, I’ve had an equal number of “favorite” works by the artist. It’s a real challenge to choose just one! Small sketch for a piece about bridges and tiaras for me exemplifies the wit, keen observation, and inventiveness characteristic of Francesca Woodman’s photographs and points to her larger concerns as an artist. Made in 1980, this is one of a series of diazotype works she was seriously engaged in making during that period, realized by either collaging or projecting images onto a fragile paper similar to that used by architects to make blueprints. Here Woodman mines images likely found in books about histories of art and architecture and elegantly and humorously combines them into a work which is at the same time intimate and monumental. I see this as another articulation of ideas so present in Woodman’s earlier photographs, which while small in scale and seemingly personal were also simultaneously connected to larger classical and allegorical themes.

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