Betty Woodman, "Fabric Girls," 2002-2017: STAFF PICKS

Hafsa Habib, The Woodman Family Foundation’s Archive & Library Intern through the Studio Institute’s Summer Arts Intern program:

When I came across Betty Woodman's "Fabric Girls" series, I immediately was drawn to the colorful sculptures that were each meticulously adorned in fabric. The dynamic poses of the figures give them each a life of their own. I recognized the checkered and striped pattern of the cotton gamcha fabric, often used in South Asia for towels and scarves, draped around a few of them, which I personally found amusing. The figures reminded me of a project I had to do for my kindergarten class, where we each took home a paper doll and dressed them up in clothing from our culture. My mom helped me drape a tiny saree on my doll, using fabric cut from one of her old shawls. Looking at these sculptures reminds me of that memory and gives me a certain adoration towards them.

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