NOW ON VIEW: "Betty Woodman and George Woodman," Charleston, East Sussex, UK, March 25-September 10, 2023

L to R: Betty surveys pots fresh from the kiln in front of one of George’s tessellation paintings in the Woodmans’ living room in Antella, c. 1970s / Pair: George Woodman. “Untitled,” c. 1970. 52 x 52 in. Acrylic paint on canvas. Photo: John Berens / Betty Woodman. “The Kitchen Table,” 2014. 63 x 60 x 12 1/2 in. Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, acrylic paint, canvas, and wood. Private collection / One of George’s paintings in the Woodman’s bedroom, c. 1970s / The Woodmans' farmhouse in Antella, c. 1990s. Betty's studio was located in what had been the house's wine cellar. An outdoor structure was added to give her more space to work / Betty installing a Balustrade Relief Vase in the workspace just outside of her wine cellar studio, 1996 / George on the threshold of his former studio, when it had been located next to the outdoor dining area, c. 1980s / The Woodmans continued to expand the wine cellar studio. In 2008, they renovated and expanded the space significantly, transforming it into new studio for George / George decorates the exterior wall of his new studio with his version of “sgraffito,” a technique of scratching into plaster walls, popularized in 15th and 16th Century Italy and significant in the Italian Renaissance, Antella, Italy, 2008 / George and Betty in George’s wine cellar studio, 2009 / Works in progress in Betty’s most recent Antella studio, which was built into the hillside below the house and above the olive groves, 2004. All archival images Woodman Family Foundation Archive.

March 25, 2023 through September 10, 2023

This exhibition at Charleston—the home and studio of artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant—centers on Betty and George Woodman’s prolific time in Antella, Italy, where they lived and worked together for part each year for nearly 50 years. In addition to presenting a range of artworks exploring the couple’s mutual influences and their ongoing dialogue in a variety of media, the exhibition includes archival photographs documenting their home, life and work in Antella. Shared here are a number of additional photographs, documenting the evolution of their studios and some of the works that emerged from them.

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