OPENING SATURDAY "Betty Woodman and George Woodman," Charleston, East Sussex, UK, March 25-September 10, 2023

March 25, 2023 through September 10, 2023

Representing a decades-long dialogue in ceramics and paint, Betty Woodman and George Woodman brings together the artists’ vibrant ceramics, vivid abstract paintings, radical assemblages, and photographs, illuminated by archival materials. Focused on the couple’s prolific time at their farmhouse in Antella, Italy—where they lived and worked for part of each year for nearly fifty years—the exhibition explores the artists’ mutual influences and their shared life immersed in art, culture, travel and experimentation, reflected in kindred palettes and patterns.

In his preview of the exhibition for the Financial Times, Ajesh Patalay sketches out the rhythm of days in Antella, alternating as they did between long stretches in the studio and breaks for elaborate meals fresh from the garden. “Described by George as an ‘artist residency for two,’ the small stone farmhouse in the Tuscan hills was a place where art and life (and food especially) merged. The same could be said of Bloomsbury artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant at Charleston in Sussex, where the dining table and conversations around it were as important to the ethos as any work produced in the studio. It is fitting, then, that Charleston will play host…to the first UK exhibition dedicated to Betty and George and the impact that life at Antella had on their work.”

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